Produce Bulk Content Effortlessly with FREE ChatGPT Writer Tool!

Save Time and Effort with a FREE ChatGPT Content Writer Tool

Looking to improve your website’s ranking? Our FREE ChatGPT powered bulk content writer tool can help you save time and effort. This free tool allows you to produce as much content as you want, scrape and rewrite content, or paste in and rewrite copy. You can also write articles from a list of keywords, write articles from article outlines, and customize the GPT prompts to personalize your output. By doing this, you can help your website’s SEO rankings, keep your site up to date, and make it a go-to news source in your industry.

Each article is 1,000 words long, and includes a title, meta-description, url slug, and an image generated by Dall-E. To use the tool, watch the video, go to the sheet and follow the “Instructions” tab. It is advisable to choose the prompts that make sense, type “skip” as the prompt in row 2 of any column you don’t need, and leave a prompt blank to get it to stop there if you want to check your output so far. You can also pause at any time if you want to change some of the output, such as changing the image description before it is sent to Dall-e. Additionally, you can delete and output you are not happy with and run it again and it will fill in the blanks.

Quick, Seamless & Relevant Content

Using our keyword powered content writer, you can quickly generate copy which hits all the points you want and is SEO optimised. Plus, our integrations to WordPress plugin Postie means that any content written in our sheet can be immediately exported to your site for editing and publication.

Many of the articles on this site have been produced through this tool, and all have passed AI content checkers with flying colours.

Find out how our tool can help you today! 

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