Free ChatGPT Content Writer

Looking to improve your website’s ranking?

Save time and effort with our FREE ChatGPT powered bulk content writer tool. Over 11,000 users have already downloaded our free tools in the past 30 days.

This Free ChatGPT powered tool allows you to:

  • Produce as much content as you want
  • Scrape and rewrite content, or paste in and rewrite copy
  • Write articles from a list of keywords
  • Write articles from article outlines
  • Customise the GPT prompts to customise your output

Use it to help you:

  • Improve your website’s SEO rankings by adding lots of useful content
  • Keep your site up to date and make it a go-to news source in your industry by rewriting the latest news articles
  • Rewrite the best competitor’s copy for your ads and pages
  • Rewrite your content marketing so you can post different versions online

Each article is: 1,000 words long, and includes title, meta-description, url slug, and an image generated by Dall-E.

The tool works through a google sheet, download it now to have it available on your google drive forever.

Watch this video to see how the tool works


  • Watch the video
  • Go to the sheet and follow the “instructions” tab
  • Usage advice:
    • Choose the prompts that make sense, e.g. if you are just using a list of keywords then choose the prompt that refers to writing an article from keywords
    • type “skip” as the prompt in row 2 of any column you don’t need
    • leave a prompt blank to get it to stop there if you want to check your output so far
    • pause at any time if you want to change some of the output, like changing the image description before it gets sent to Dall-e
    • Delete and output you aren’t happy with and run it again and it fills in the blanks

How does it perform on AI checkers?

The quality will vary depending on the particular prompt you use.

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