Website Roundups Writer – $99

What This Tool Can Do:

This tool will scrape Google for your chosen list of keywords e.g. “plumbers in London”, “plumbers in Manchester”…

And it will write a roundup article on the businesses it finds.

It writes a roundup article for each keyword, each article will cover between 3 and 10 local businesses. The write up is unique content based on the information on their home page.

Input: a list of keywords

Output: a unique article for each keyword that contains a write up of 3 – 10 business, with a link back to their site, a 7 point FAQ on the businesses with FAQ schema, a unique title and intro, subheadings

Here’s a video of the tool:

Here’s the start of an article it wrote:

There are a few things you’ll need to do to get the tool working:

  • You’ll need an OpenAI api key, there’s a link in the tool to get your key
  • You’ll need to get a custom search engine API key from Googe, the link is in the too. Google charge $0.005 per Google search
  • If you want to use Postie to automatically send the articles straight to your site then you’ll need to install and set up the free Postie wordpress plugin. ChatGPT can help you with the settings