Free Chatgpt AI Product Description Generator

Generate product descriptions in bulk with this FREE AI Product Description Generator. And then export them to a CSV file.

Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to compelling, engaging product descriptions 😊

You can input either a url or paste in whatever info you already have on the product.

The output is the product description, features and benefits, a page title and a meta description.

(2 intro paragraphs, a list of product features, and then the benefits with sub headings)

The whole tool works through Google Sheets. Copy our sheet across to your Google Drive and its yours forever.

Here’s a video on how to use it:

To get started use the download button. Once you are on the google sheet click “file” and then “make a copy”. This will copy our chatgpt product description generator across to your Google Drive.

Then follow the instructions on the instructions tab. OpenAI give you $18 free API credit when you sign up. This is enough to write millions of words of content using their Turbo AI model.

Premium Version Of Our AI Description Generator

We also have a premium version of our AI product description generator for high volume users.

The premium version:

  • Sends 5 blocks at a time to chatgpt so it is much quicker
  • Auto restarts every 5 minutes so you don’t need to keep restarting
  • Takes in up to 3 urls for the product info so you can combine info from multiple competitor sites

How The Description Generator Works

The tool is built in Google Sheets, like the many other Free Chatgpt AI Tools on our site.

There is a column where you can paste in a url to scrape. This can be your own site or a competitor’s site.

Or you can just paste in whatever info you have in to the next column, even if it isn’t much info the ChatGPT AI will do its best with the info you have provided, it has a lot of product knowledge already.

Enter in a url or the info on each row for as many products as you like, it can process hundreds.

Then when you start the script it uses the AI to go through a series of 6 steps to help it write good quality content. You can see the instructions that are sent to the AI on row 2 of the sheet.

Here’s an example of one of the instructions:


Here is a Product Description, Ignore any code in the Product Description that may have accidentally been scraped from the website - 
Use the Product Description within the triple ticks to extract a four point bullet list of features and specifications such as brand, colour, size; not the benefits. 
Respond only in the following format- 
<ul> <li> (item) </li> <li> (item) </li> <li> (item) </li> <li> (item) </li> </ul> 


You an edit these instructions to customise the content you get back from the AI. For instance, where it asks for a 4 point bullet list you could change that to a 6 point bullet list if you prefer. Or if you want it formatted in a different way in stead of using the html <ul> list you could ask for it in a differ way, e.g. ask for <br> line breaks instead.

You could also ask the AI to use a particular style and tone in its writing, you could describe your target audience. You could include examples of other product descriptions on your site to guide the AI. Its best to experiment and see what produces the best ecom descriptions for your site.

Consider making a backup of the sheet on your google drive before editing the instructions to the AI.

Once you have finished there is an export tab on the sheet. On that tab click “file”, then “download” and then choose the file format you want like “csv”.

Why Good Product Descriptions Are Important

When shopping online, potential customers can’t physically interact with a product before making a decision. Consequently, the role of concise, in-depth product descriptions becomes even more paramount in the realm of eCommerce.

A comprehensive study conducted by Google recently indicated that an impressive 85% of consumers shopping online believe product descriptions and visuals to be crucial when deciding which store to place their trust in.

Insufficient or inaccurate product descriptions can inevitably lead to an increased rate of returns. According to a 2020 survey by SaleCycle, a staggering 64% of customers that ended up returning a product they bought online said it was because the actual product did not align with the description provided on the retailer’s website.

However, a well-crafted product description carries a host of benefits:

  1. Helps your brand differentiate itself from rivals
  2. Enhances search engine optimization (SEO), leading to an increase in organic web traffic
  3. Boosts conversion rates
  4. Mitigates the number of returns

So, the question that arises is how do you consistently generate captivating and distinct product descriptions for your digital storefront without sounding monotonous or repetitive? The answer lies in leveraging this AI-powered product description generator tool. This technology can assist in continually crafting fresh and exciting product content, streamlining the whole process while ensuring quality and uniqueness.