Earn With Us: Get Paid For Promoting Innovative AI Tools!

Welcome to the Autosheets’ Affiliate Program! Helping you benefit from the growing demand for generative AI tools.

This affiliate scheme provides you the opportunity to earn 50% commissions on each tool that is purchased from our site.

Enjoy Commissions On All Purchases

Our Affiliate Program is designed to maximize your earnings.

If a customer downloads a free tool they become linked to your affiliate ID for life (via the email address they registered with).

When they come back later and purchase another paid tool, even if it is months later, you earn!

Good Conversion Rates

Most of our paying customers started with a free tool. Typically 13% of visitors are happy to download one of the free tools on their first visit.

We recommend promoting the free tools as an easy “lead magnet”. And then if they come back at any time to buy a paid tool you receive 50% commission.

Easy Sign-up Process

Ready to join? It’s simple and free. Just head to our affiliate registration page and fill in a short form. Payments are via PayPal so you don’t need to enter any bank details.

The affiliate area looks like this:

Reliable Payments

We ensure your hard work pays off. Payments are made via PayPal each month for all sales made the previous month.

Popularity and Demand

In the first few months since launching, our website has already received over 36,000 visits. Our tools are some of the first of their kind, offering you a unique opportunity to tap into a growing and profitable market.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Our successful affiliates usually start by promoting our free tools. It’s a great way to introduce customers to our product lineup and eventually lead them to our paid tools.

We are adding new tools all the time, leading to more sales opportunities. Once signed up users will be included in our mailing list and you will still get paid if that encourages them to sign up for another tool.

We use the AffiliateWP plugin. Your affiliate link uses their “pretty urls” option so they looks like this https://autosheets.ai/ref/1

Ready to Start Earning?

Join our Affiliate Program today and start reaping the benefits of our growing popularity. You’re just a click away from a rewarding partnership with Autosheets. Sign up now

If you have any questions or need more information, click on “Contact Mike”. A Facebook Messenger pop-up will appear, and we’ll be there to assist you.

Join us on this exciting journey and earn with Autosheets’ Affiliate Program!

Our Tools

We currently have tools ranging from $19 to $99. With more tools under development.

We email discount codes once people sign up to one of our free tools to maximise sales, so a lot of purchases will be at the discounted price. Whatever price the user ends up paying you will get 50% of this.

We are always open to suggestions for new tools that you are interested in promoting.