Self Help Book Writer – using GPT-3

Write an entire book from a single command!

Or you can pause and edit the book as it writes, to create the book you always wanted to write.

This free tool will:

  • Suggest and choose from 6 book ideas based on your input
  • Choose a writing style based on a successful author that writes similar work
  • Suggest and choose from 10 title ideas for the book
  • Draft an idea for the cover art
  • Compose 30 chapter titles
  • Draft each chapter including:
    • Write an outline for each chapter
    • Write the main chapter content
    • Add in a short story at the start of each chapter to build motivation
    • Add in example stories of how the advice in the chapter can be implemented
    • Write an action list summarising the advice in each chapter
    • Write a simple easy to remember acronym based framework for each chapter
    • Write a section on what mistakes to watch out for

The tool uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 to write the content. You will have to get an API key from there to use it. See the instructions tab on the tool for more info.

Recent Updates:

  • It now uses the Chatgpt (turbo) model which is 10x cheaper, should work out about $1.50 per book
  • The script restarts every 6 minutes so you can leave it running to finish the book
  • Here is a video on the recent updates

Here’s a book it wrote completely without any intervention and with no editing changes afterwards: Make Your SAAS Product Stand Out: A Guide to Building a Brand People Love

I did a plagiarism check on the start of the first chapter, came back as 100% human:

It does come back as being written by AI in the AI checkers, but as far as I know nobody checks if books are AI written. Amazon doesn’t seem to do any quality checks at all at the moment.

Please use responsibly!

More instructional videos coming soon.


  1. Hi, i was wondering about the possibility to create a business plan writer. Obviously it wouldn’t be able to do all the financials but with some well placed questions it could complete the major written parts ?is this something you are working on?

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