SEO Content Writer

This free tool will:

  • Write unique 1,000 word content for you
  • Generate images to use in your content
  • Generate the article title, meta description and url slug
  • The new content can be based on:
    • Scraped content from urls you provide
    • A list of keywords
    • Article outlines

Watch this video to see how the tool works


  • Watch the video
  • Go to the sheet and follow the “instructions” tab
  • Usage advice:
    • Choose the prompts that make sense, e.g. if you are just using a list of keywords then choose the prompt that refers to writing an article from keywords
    • type “skip” as the prompt in row 2 of any column you don’t need
    • leave a prompt blank to get it to stop there if you want to check your output so far
    • pause at any time if you want to change some of the output, like changing the image description before it gets sent to Dall-e
    • Delete and output you aren’t happy with and run it again and it fills in the blanks

How does it perform on AI checkers?

The quality will vary depending on the particular prompt you use.

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    1. It can write in other languages, you can edit the prompts on row 2. Add “write in Spanish” or whatever language to the end of each prompt on that row

    1. You would have to edit the code by going to “Extensions” and then “Apps Scripts”, you would need to edit about 10 lines to get it to work with that model, all within the GPT function.

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