Paid AI Tools

Do more with ChatGPT with our premium tools. All built in Google Sheets.

Fiction Novel Writer – upto 60,000 word novels

Real Estate Agents – Marketing content generation including site copy, social media posts, and email content

Bulk 3,000 Word Blog Post Writer – each post already formatted in a mix of html tags, with Dall-e image, 5x headlines / url-slugs / meta descriptions to choose from, 10 point FAQ, valid FAQ Schema, export all to wordpress in a single click – $99

Roundups Tool – write roundup articles that each summarise 3 – 10 local businesses – $99

SEO Content Rewriter – rewrite website content in to unique articles for your website – $99

Long Format GPT Rewriting Tool – Rewrite, Translate, Summarise. Or anything else you would like GPT to perform on a long chunk of text – $19

Amazon Review Tool – write professional review tools that include your Amazon Affiliate link – $99

Ecom Rewriter – write unique ecom descriptions for your store, in bulk (free version and paid higher volume versions available

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