Our 3 Most Popular Free GPT Marketing Tools

Here’s our Top 3 completely FREE marketing tools, all powered by OpenAI’s APIs.

All these tools work through Google Sheets. You download them to your Google Drive and then they are yours forever.

You can adjust the prompts and even edit the code to tweak their output.

Content Generation Tool

This tool can scrape URLs and rewrite their content as unique 1,000 word articles.

This means you can write new marketing content in bulk, even if the info is after GPT’s cut off date (Sep 2021). You can rewrite competitor’s pages, or just put a new spin on a news story.

Each article includes an article title, meta description and url slug. The articles score well on AI detectors because they are rewritten from human content, and they still come up as unique and free from plagiarism.

You can also get the tool to write articles just from keywords.

Grab your free copy here: https://autosheets.ai/free-tools/seo-content-writer/

Ecom Description Writer

This chatgpt powered tool could save you a ton of time if you run an ecommerce store.

Enter in whatever info you have or even a url for the same product elsewhere, and this tool will write a unique, nicely structured, HTML formatted description for your .

The final write up for each product will include a heading, meta description, intro paragraphs, a bullet list of features (such as brand, colour and size) and then headed sub-sections for each benefit.

Download it now: https://autosheets.ai/free-chatgpt-product-description-generator/

Social Media Post Generator

Generate social media posts in bulk with this handy Google Sheet.

The sheets lets you choose the topic for each post and has lots of options such as the writing style and use of emojis. Produce dozens of posts at once. It also produces a Twitter length version of each post too.

Find out more here: https://autosheets.ai/free-gpt-social-media-post-generator/

With all these free GPT tools you can easily adjust the prompts to fine tune the content it produce. All the prompts are across row 2 on each sheet.

To use these free google sheets:

  1. sign up for free
  2. on the sheet click “file” and then “make a copy”
  3. on the instructions tab follow the link to get your API key from OpenAI

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