FREE ChatGPT (GPT) Tools

Save Hundreds Even Thousands of Hours With These FREE GPT Powered Tools

All our tools are built in Google Sheets.

Copy them across to your Google drive and easily generate GPT output in bulk.

Marketing Tools: Grow Your Business With These Free Marketing Tools:

Content generation – 1,000 word articles, and a Dall-E generated image to go with your content

Blogger Outreach Tool – scrapes email addresses, drafts custom emails, and sends the emails

Social Media Post Generator – generate posts in bulk

Publishing Tools: Boost Your Credibility and Attract More Leads With Books Written Entirely By GPT

Non-Fiction Book Writer – Write an entire non-fiction book from a single command

For Fun: Send People GPT Generated Emails Each Day

Daily emailer – send yourself a GPT generated motivational quote each day, or send your loved one a poem, or anything else GPT can generate

For Admin Tasks:

Grouping tool – if you have a large list of text items you need to group

General Paid Tools (under $100)

  • Marketing
    • Bulk 3,000 Word Blog Post Writer – each post already formatted in a mix of html tags, with Dall-e image, 5x headlines / url-slugs / meta descriptions to choose from, 10 point FAQ, valid FAQ Schema, export all to wordpress in a single click ($99)
    • Long Format GPT Rewriting Tool – Rewrite, Translate, Summarise. Or anything else you would like GPT to perform on a long chunk of text (only $19)

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