SEO Content Rewriter – $99

Rewrite website content in to new articles for your own site, in bulk. This tools takes in web articles of any length and rewrites them in to new unique articles. The new articles are completely unique to the original, and usually score as human on AI detectors. You can use this to rewrite high ranking… Continue reading SEO Content Rewriter – $99

Amazon Affiliate Writer – $99

This tool will write professional product reviews for all the Amazon products you choose. It will include your Amazon affiliate link within the review. The reviews can be posted straight to your WordPress site or exported in CSV format. Each write up also includes: Here’s a video on the tool:

Website Roundups Writer – $99

What This Tool Can Do: This tool will scrape Google for your chosen list of keywords e.g. “plumbers in London”, “plumbers in Manchester”… And it will write a roundup article on the businesses it finds. It writes a roundup article for each keyword, each article will cover between 3 and 10 local businesses. The write… Continue reading Website Roundups Writer – $99